Kim’s Bikini Body Before And After Photoshop

There hardly is a guy, who is not dreaming of finding Kim Kardashian in his bed once. There hardly is a girl, who doesn’t dream to look like Kim when putting on her bikini. Yes, Kim is a goddess and her millions of Insta subscribers just prove that leaving passionate comments to her images. But even they were puzzled to catch Kim deleting her recently posted photos and uploading them again after a while. The thing is, those pictures looked a bit different. Re-Photoshopped.

kim k photoshop_1

Kim Kardashian is often accused of using computer trickery to enhance her social media pics. Some slightly noticeable changes here and there: slimmer hands, thinner waist (can there be any thinner?), better tan. Why would anyone do that to an ideal body? Maybe it is not as perfect as it seems? Let us take a closer look at her most revealing photos.

kim k photoshop_2

This one was obviously taken by paps who chase the Kardashian family in order to make some provocative shots. There are rumors that Kim is ready to pay a fortune for such awful still to vanish. So, she is the first paparazzi client. If these claims are true, of course. What is wrong with this picture? It saw no Photoshop or any filters. So, basically we can spot Kim’s #1 problem – she has cellulite. But who doesn’t? It is a norm for most of the woman around us and they are not making a huge tragedy of it. Now let us look at Kim’s Insta pictures:


kim k photoshop_3

Great butt, sexy back, flawless hair. Why are you doing this to your subscribers? Making millions of people love you for what you are not is somehow disappointing. If we compare these photos we can see her waist is not as thin as she trying to make it look in her original images. They say she has a special person there responsible for editing her images. And if anything leaks – oops, someone in trouble.

kim k photoshop_4

Here a few words should be mentioning her legendary butt. Something is definitely wrong with it. There are only two theories that could explain such changes:

1. Her butt is the result of multiple plastic surgeries. Sometimes doctors offer bottom enlargement procedure that consists of body fat transfer. For instance, that ugly belly fat roll can be transferred to the butt making waist slimmer and wazoo – larger. The thing is, fat can return to its original location with time and this procedure has to be repeated from time to time.

2. She is using Photoshop for all her photos, this is why her proportions are changing from picture to picture.

kim k photoshop_5

As a proof of the second theory – let us look at those pictures that made over 100,000 unsubscribe from Kim calling her ‘all-fake’. Somebody just leaked them about a year ago and people could freely compare Kim from this images to Kim from her Instagram. The difference is too obvious.

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