This Is Why You Shouldn’t Trust Girls On The Internet

Internet is a deceiving b*tch! “Trust no-one and watch out” – this is something guys usually forget about when they see a hot chick’s profile. They forget about magical filters and powerful makeup skills that transform not so pretty girls into whatever they want to be on social media. Tell me, have you ever fallen for a girl who you thought was super hot turned out to be dozens of pounds overweight? Or the girl you thought had flawless porcelain skin really had some serious skin issues that were skillfully hidden under the ton of makeup? Camera angles, photoshop, and makeup – this is what it takes to take a like-worthy shot. And these are just some of the most innocent tricks girls use to deceive men on the Internet!

As long as women like this are out there, and their army is getting bigger every hour, the need to develop your anti-catfishing skills is getting very important, even vital I would say. So here’s an interesting compilation to make you think twice before you get involved with a hot girl online.

Girls with big boobs. Don’t go for girls with big boobs. That’s because usually where there are big breasts, there are other body parts that are even bigger.
You Shouldn’t Trust Girls_1


Most girls just edit their pics to look slimmer and what not
You Shouldn’t Trust Girls_2


But some ladies don’t bother to use any of those fancy filters and just crop the extra pounds out of the frame.
You Shouldn’t Trust Girls_3


Same here. You’d never think that this cute face goes with THAT body
You Shouldn’t Trust Girls_4


Cropping doesn’t always seem to do the trick. So this is when the powerful makeup skills come in handy.
You Shouldn’t Trust Girls_5


Acne should be treated, not covered with makeup. So instead of buying a new concealer, better consult your dermatologist.
You Shouldn’t Trust Girls_6



Why shave your eyebrows and then draw them back on? I just don’t get!
You Shouldn’t Trust Girls_7


However, there are always girls whose faces are beautiful as it is and there is no need to hide them under a ton of makeup. So why do they do it? This mystery will never be solved.
You Shouldn’t Trust Girls_8


Just a little bit of mascara and powder would be enough…but not for this lady obviously.
You Shouldn’t Trust Girls_9


Here’s another example of a pretty girl hiding her perfect features under makeup. Why? Why would you do that?
You Shouldn’t Trust Girls_10


And sometimes it can happen that a girl you had a huge crush on online might not even be an actual girl. Yep, some guys have better makeup skills than girls.
You Shouldn’t Trust Girls_11


Cute, huh? Well, cuteness is the most deceptive element of all on the Internet, so you better watch out!
You Shouldn’t Trust Girls_12


And just like that, a cute girl turns out to be a cute boy. Yep, that’s how the Internet can deceive you to the maximum
You Shouldn’t Trust Girls_13

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