World’s Deadliest Weapon All Armies Dream About

What do we know about a weapon? Not much, considering the facts that there are a few wars on and scientists keep working on innovative technologies that would make enemies brick only after a single look at it. However, only rare inventions reach their aim of being in the inventory for some army forces.

The problem is, most of the armor is considered to be inhumane (as if there is any other type of weapon anyway), the one that causes nameless misery or severe injuries. Well, the government does not want more disabled people who cannot work and live on welfare. Especially the veterans. It is horrible, but to say the truth, they are needed either alive and able to keep working or… dead.

However, let us get back to the weapon. Today my plan is to show you the list of items that can make any military man shiver.


Hollow point bullets
deadliest weapon_hollow point bullets
Starting with the tiniest things, take a look at these little ones. Those nice ‘flowers’ is nothing else than spent bullets, slugs. There is a joke that such unique shape is given to them as a gift for all doctors who are supposed to take them out of bodies.

A hollow-point bullet is an expanding bullet that has a pit or hollowed out a shape in its tip often intended to cause the bullet to expand upon entering a target in order to decrease penetration and disrupt more tissue as it travels through the target.


AR 15
deadliest weapon_ar15
The Colt AR-15 is a lightweight, 5.56×45mm, magazine-fed, gas-operated semi-automatic rifle. This nice item was manufactured with the extensive use of aluminum alloys and synthetic materials. Seems like there is nothing special about it, but this is one of the most powerful ruffles on Earth. Its bullets are the size of your palm.



Laser gun
deadliest weapon_laser gun
Modern laser guns have nothing to do with those blasters we saw in the movies. It is heavy, huge and can hardly fit anything else but a military ship. This nice item demands a load of energy enough for supplying a whole town.

This beauty is powerful enough to burn down a plane. And I feel sorry for those who stayed on that plane – they will experience the microwave effect on their own skin.


Satana rocket
deadliest weapon_Satana rocket
Hello, Russia! You are trying to scare the whole world with your bomb again. This bomb belongs to intercontinental ballistic missiles and space launch vehicles designed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Russia hasn’t invented anything new since then, so they are trying to upgrade it to carry more warheads or penetration aids. And we should be afraid of something capable of leaving a hole, larger than our city.


Javelin Missile
deadliest weapon_javelin missile
What is the worst thing on the site of a battle? Tanks, of course. They are the strongest rivals that make enemies run away with fear. There is no weapon capable of destroying a whole tank with a shot. Oh, wait a minute! This one can. An anti-tank gun developed by the USA is the only thing that can fry them just like BBQ. Looks pretty, isn’t it?

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