Hot Fitness Blogger Stopped Shaving Her Body For A Year

To shave or not to shave? While for men having body hair is pretty much an ordinary thing, for women it’s a whole different story. Society is used to seeing women with hairless bodies and freak out when they see anything different. That’s why we would like you to meet Morgan Mikenas, a fitness blogger with gorgeous curves and rock hard abs who has ditched razor for a year now.

This “beauty” experiment is her way to show what natural beauty actually looks like, and to prove that shaving is a personal choice, not a society’s norm. On her Instagram that now has almost 70K followers she keeps telling thousands of women to embrace the natural beauty that they are – the beauty that is on the inside and outside – in her case, it’s hairy legs and underarms.


Not long ago, armpit hair has become a growing trend for women. Thousands of women around the world picked up this feminism flavored beauty trend. Some ladies just stopped shaving and let it grow. Some dyed their armpit hair crazy colors or put glitter on it. But Morgan just topped them all. She gives a new perspective on women’s body hair by not shaving at all. And her desire to embrace the growth has a reason…multiple reasons, to be exact.


In one of her posts, she tells it all started when she was 12. Other girls would laugh at her hairy legs during gym sessions, so she ran home after school and asked her mom to teach her how to shave. Somehow this social pressure made her feel ashamed and dirty if she didn’t shave. She just couldn’t wrap her head around why ladies are constantly trying to get rid of something that Mother Nature gave them? And who made women believe that they have to be hairless in order to feel sexy and desired?



This is why, in the beginning of 2016, she decided she was done with all these ridiculous “you must” cliches on body hair and said goodbye to the razor. In her YouTube video called “Why I don’t shave,” she speaks about her big passion which is body hair and why she doesn’t shave it anymore.


What’s more important is the message she’s trying to deliver. She is not trying to make all of the humanity just stop shaving her armpits and leg hair, she just wants to inspire others to stop doing what they don’t want to do and start doing what makes them feel comfortable.


Women are forced to do so many crazy things that they don’t like or even hate just in order to fit in, to fit those stupid beauty standards. So, whether you like it or not, this might be the beginning of a new era for women who don’t give a sh*t of what you think!

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