These Queens Blade Posters Are Too Sexy

Quick highlights for those of you who has never heard of Queen’s Blade. Queen’s Blade is a new Korean MMORPG designed for an adult audience. The game has six classes including Defender, Shadow Walker, Whipper, Punisher, Centinel and Medic. Needless to say these are all female-only half-naked characters in sexy outfits. Intrigued? You bet!


Since the game doesn’t allow your character be fully naked, there’s a special section on the official site where you can get NSFW stuff. To view all the “sexy” stuff, you’re gonna have to register which requires a specific software and blablabla, but the worst part is that we can’t read Korean. BUT, lucky for you, we’ve done all the dirty work and now you can contemplate these super hot posters of sexy Queens Blade, so here you go!

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