5 fashion trends that exist only in Japan

What do you first see in your head when you start thinking about Japan? Most people would say it’s all weird – rainbow and kawai. But that’s the point. The Japanese see life the way others don’t. This is why they invent their own style in everything starting from high tech solutions and ending up with fashion.

Their trends take the world by storm and settle in other countries growing new subcultures and uniting people who express themselves in a way that differs from the most. Here are just some out of those that are deeply in our hearts.



Representatives of this group find their faces boring and they choose to change their complexion with help of body paint. Most representatives of the subculture prefer white color that makes their cheeks seem deadly pale. The others choose pink or blue, or even yellow shades. They say this group is not really big unlike the others mentioned in this list. But this one is the least common for Japan. People here are know for their love to brighter colors.


Actually this one is shortened from ‘Lolita’ – a Bulgakov’s famous novel character. Lolis are cute girls who wear fancy doll dresses (mostly pink) with bows and other accessories mostly worn by little girls. Despite such infantility their entire look is somewhat sexualized. Lolis are all of age, so that style with come-hither look makes men notice them. But this is not only about fashion. Loli culture has various forms: from advertisements, manga, to the anime genre.


Is there at least anyone on this planet who has no clue about what cosplay is and why people do that? This one actually belongs to the most expensive hobbies. As in the rush for the deepest detalization of their favorite gaming character costume, cosplayers spend tons of money on accessories and rare materials they use. 99% of outfits are hand made.


If you put comfort above all and love bright baggy clothes – this trend is something you should follow. Kigurumi is actually an animal-styled (and not just that) onesie that was created in Japan in early 90’s. These outfits were so nice and cosy that they took over the country pretty fast. And although they were meant for sleeping or chilling at home, they’ve soon extended the borders and merged to the streets. Worn mostly by youngsters and being super popular all over the country, Kigurumis remained virtually unknown to the Western world until about 2011. Since that time everyone wears them. We bet you have one if not on you than in your wardrobe right now.


It is quite clear from it’s name that this subculture belongs to those fond of decorating anything. Especially themselves. It involves young people who want to extend their childhood. They waste money on brightly colored clothing eye-catching accessories such as bracelets, hair clips, necklaces, stuffed animals and bags. Some of them do not hesitate to use stickers to add more colors to their faces.

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