Would You Pass This Test For A Date With Her?

Tinder is a well-known platform for people to find their true love. Numerous couples should thank the developers for starting the most serious relationships in their lives, getting married and giving birth to their beloved kids. However, recently Tinder became the place where thousands of men choose to try out their pickup skills looking for one night stands.


Some of them even get lucky. Multiple girls fall to their feet and then get banned everywhere as unworthy for any further interaction. This is why so many woman around get irritated by online flirting attempts showing off no trust to online dating resources.

We do can understand them. So, they just keep living alone for ages with no reliable man around. However, there is another girl type. A few weeks ago someone Natasha, 22 popped up on tinder with some rather seductive and appealing images in her profile. Hundreds of men left their previous crushes behind and start their message attack. Natasha replied to everyone. She only told men that she was an instagram model and haven’t men her prince yet.

What you think happened next? Of course, guys rushed to ask her out. But oops! The girl was so pressed for time, she had not a chance to go for a date with any of them. Guys were almost in love, so, they just waited for this stunner to give them day and time to finally see her alive. Someone Misha says, she was so nice and cute that he had no doubt the girl was busy.


And when he received this message from her: “HEY IM FINALLY FREE LMAO… my friend is DJing near Union square around 6 tomorrow I was wondering if you wanted to go for a bit then we could go get drinks after and see what happens,” he was the happiest man on Earth.

He had planned it as a perfect date and rushed to the square. There he saw the scene and a DJ performing. But one thing was too weird. He saw no couple or WIMEN around. Just a bunch of lonely men and the crowd kept growing. Soon a figure took the stage. Now guess who that was? Natasha on her own with a microphone in her hand.

That was an epic revelation. She gather about 1,000 men in one place to try them out. Her speech was to encourage them fight for a date with her. First of all she asked to live everyone who was in a relationship, wore camouflage, long beard, had beer belly or was named Jimmy. These guys had no chance. The rest went under severe test to show off their physical skills, like running around the stage or doing squads. Guys had to tell the initial info about themselves and give some reasons why Natasha should choose them.

Well, those lucky people who stayed there till the end say the model has chosen the one to go for a date. But we believe that will be her last date ever after what she did.

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