These Are Not The Places For The Faint Of Heart

Ever entered a room that caused faster heartbeat or hands tremor? Old grey walls, toils of hundreds of spiders hanging from the ceiling could cause shivers. But they are completely nothing compared to the places we are going to show you today,

Had to say what made people start traditions that led to the emergence of these objects, but now anyone who visits these destinations definitely has nightmares. Want to know why? Just look at these creepy blood-chilling photos:


Catacombs of the Capuchins, Italy
scariest places on earth_catacombs of the capuchins italy
Welcome to burial catacombs of Capuchin monks in Palermo, Italy. They dug huge tunnels right under the monastery and used them as graveyards. But in 1599 they mummified one of their number, recently dead brother Silvestro of Gubbio, and placed him into the catacombs without burying.

The bodies were dehydrated on the racks of ceramic pipes in the catacombs and sometimes later washed with vinegar. Some of the bodies were embalmed and others enclosed in sealed glass cabinets. Monks were preserved with their everyday clothing and sometimes with ropes they had worn as a penance. Soon being placed in catacombs after death became a status symbol, so now at least half of bodies here belong to non-monks, but rich people.


Doll Island, Mexico
scariest places on earth_mexico doll island
Just south of Mexico City, between the canals of Xochimico, you can find a small island with a sad background which never intended to be a tourist destination. The island is known as Isla de las Munecas (Island of the Dolls). It is dedicated to the lost soul of a poor girl who met her fate too young under strange circumstances.

Everything around here is decorated with dolls and their body parts with time they turned into some creepy creatures that terrify anyone who enters the island.



Nagoro, Japan
scariest places on earth_nagoro japan
This tiny village looks like hundreds of similar ones in Japan. Although its inhabitants are too close, just like one big family. They felt awful when their community members passed away, so they made up an idea of creating their copies.

Thus, whenever somebody died, a huge doll took their place. Soon there were more dolls than live people here. The creepy silent village full of giant dolls.


Haw Par Villa, Singapore
scariest places on earth_haw par villa singapore
Built in 1937, Haw Par Villa is famous for its often gruesome depictions of Chinese folklore’s 10 Courts of Hell. Those who are afraid of death should come over to get quick relief, as the death and the hell are definitely not as creepy as this place. The park contains over 1,000 statues and 150 giant dioramas.


Suicide forest, Japan
scariest places on earth_sucide fores japan
There is a place in Japan where people come to end up their lives. No jokes, they come over to never go back home. Choosing their way of death in advance, young and old men and women come here with ropes, pills, guns, etc.

They know their bodies will stay here forever and nobody will ever take them to bury. This forest is stuffed with human remains – they are everywhere. Some of them are here for decades, the others emerged here just days ago. Only the braves photographers dare to come over for a few shots.

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