Zodiac Sign And Her Bedroom Habits

When asking a girl out we expect to examine her look, curves and her social habits. A single date is enough to realize if you want to keep dating her or it is better to stay away from her. Sad that we can’t find out how she behaves in bed before having sex. Men often think it would be nice to have a sign above every girl’s head that states what she actually wants and if she is active in a bedroom. Astrologists offer an alternative – sex horoscope that opens up a door to sexual desires of every zodiac signs. Now you can find out more about your girlfriend.


An egoistic lover who thinks only about her own satisfaction. You will have to play a long match with massive stimulation to give her an orgasm. For such girls, sex is mostly a mean for reaching some other goals, like getting into your wallet.


You are a lucky guy if you got her into your bed. Extremely sensitive and passionate Taurus girl will give you what you like. They are not into some exotic positions or sex toys, although they know some traditional ways of bringing in some real pleasure.


Sex is a challenge for this zodiac sign. They are open for any experiments and definitely have a bunch of sexy underwear and at least one-half of all sex shop items. She will never stop trying something new.


Eye contact is the best you can give to Cancer lady. To satisfy her in bed just make her feel secure and close to you. Cancers are rather emotional and they adore that feeling of unity with a partner. This is the case when sex and love go together.


Who is the boss in bed with Leo? She is. Just be there and follow all her orders. She needs all your attention and she knows how to grab it. We promise you will enjoy it.


She is ready to try anything you offer as many times as you want it. You will have to do what she asks for as well. And by the way, she will want to analyze it all after sex. Just there in bed.



She hates one scenario being performed more than once. She wants it different every time and you can add some drama too. In order to seem a perfect lover, she can simulate her orgasm and no one knows why.


She is a sex queen. She will make you crawl out of bed no earlier than in the morning just to take a sip of water and then you continue. She knows more about pleasure than you, so, congratulations!


She is unstoppable. Sagittarius can’t stop expressing her inner self via sex. She is not a maniac but you will feel raped after sex with her. It is not a problem if you will just lay down there and relax – she will do it all herself.


She might seem cold and distant, but only until you win her trust. Only after that, she will let you in her bed where Capricorn has no limits or boundaries at all.


She hates overly emotional men. Aquarius takes sex for some experiment she has to accomplish with her partner, so be sure, while you are taking off her coat – she already has a plan.


Sensitive, passionate, empathetic lover who will do anything to bring you more pleasure. Her intuition leads her the right way this is why all her partners can’t say a bad word about her sexual skills.

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