Barbra Streisand Cloned Her Dog

Do you have a pet? Official statistics says that up to 60% of people around the globe share their lives with fluffy friends. Moreover, most of such animals are treated as real family members with their own beds and a personal menu that often costs more than baby food. People take their pets for grooming, make them visit vets occasionally and spend tons of cash for various accessories. They feel like spending every minute with those fluffy palls. Now imagine how that hurts when their pets pass away. The same story happened to Barbra Streisand who lost her beloved dog Samantha over the last year.

cloned her dog_1

It seems like she felt Samantha’s life was coming to the end, as she asked doctors to freeze some cells from its mouth and belly. Money made them do that without asking any questions. And when Sammie, 14-year-old Coton de Tulear dog, has passed away, Barbara came back. She wanted to clone her pooch as she loved it so much she could hardly imagine her life without it. But one pup was not enough to heel her wounds, so she asked for two.

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Meanwhile, she didn’t want to wait there alone. So, she got another dog to her home who was a distant relative of her Sammie. The Coton de Tulear dog was called Funny Girl, but Streisand adopted her and gave her the name Miss Fanny, which is how Fanny Brice’s dresser refers to Streisand’s character in the 1968 musical that launched her acting career. It seems like Barbara is a true lover of the breed. But she claims it was Samantha who made her love it. That dog was the best she could wish for. They had true love and enjoyed every minute spent together just like two best friends.


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As soon as clones arrived, Streisand dressed them in velvet and red just to differentiate who is who. That was the moment when two doggies got their names: Miss Scarlett and Miss Violet. The pups have different personalities and they both differ much from what Samantha was like. So, basically, she got to pups who only look like her previous dog, although they are really clones of her.

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Barb says she will hardly love any other pup the way she loved her Sammie. But she actually adores her new pets and can hardly wait the moment they grow older just to see if they have her brown eyes and her seriousness. Let us hope they actually will.

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There is only one question, that bothers people who get to know about these cloned pups: should we expect the wave of clones all around the world? It is quite a promising technology that helps people overcome the loss. Of course, we get a dog that looks identically to the one we had, but unfortunately, scientists have no technology that can clone the soul yet. Would you pay a few thousands to bring back your late cat or dog? We believe many people would do that.

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