5 Bad Reasons Nobody Really Likes You

People can be easily divided into two parts: the ones who are everyone’s sunshine and those people who stay in shadow as no one actually likes them. There is usually one in every group of friends. And everyone always wonders what is he doing there. Things get worse when that guy is you. It seems like there is no obvious reason and there is all fine with you, but the others either prefer not to notice you at all or say hello to you, which is the extent of your contact.
After a thorough investigation 5 most popular reasons of such behavior were defined. And yes, it is all about you. Check them out as they might be the only way to improve your relationship with the others.

1. You stick to girls

Well, not just some regular girls around. You prefer starting communications with a girl, who turns out to be somebody’s girlfriend. Now imagine how her partner feels. She is feeling awkward too. Then people simply try to avoid you. There are guys who find it easier to communicate with females, but that is not something you can explain to everyone around. Sometimes a word is enough for ruining reputation.

2. You are an ‘attention wh*re’

You might not even notice the way you treat people. But acting like a star with no respect to everyone else around won’t help you get popular. It’s vice worse. People with this character type tend to criticize everyone else placing themselves on the pedestal of fame and honor. Although after a closer look it turns out they have absolutely no achievement to be respected for. Oops! Stop thinking you are the coolest alpha male around.

3. You are inquiring

Nobody likes thorough interrogations especially the ones that touch sore subjects. Although certain people are not capable of keeping the mouth closed. They love gossiping and revealing new details without any respect to their ‘victims’. Who would love keeping a person like that around? Not me. And I believe, none of your friend either.


4. You are a weirdo

Is there anything wrong about standing out? – No, nothing. Is there anything wrong about irritating the others with silly pranks and anti social deeds? – Yes, there is. Who would like messing around with a person, capable of showing up in public wearing Spiderman’s overall? That’s fine when you are nine years old, but for people in their late twenties it is somehow too much, everyone agrees on that.

5. You have troubles with hygiene

Yep, bad teeth or awful body smell is enough for scaring everybody away for ages. Make sure to take shower twice a day, get your hair done twice a month and pare your nails occasionally to reduce your chances of staying alone. However, there were cases when people did all that, but their friends still scented some weird smell from their bodies. As it turned out – that was caused by deadly diseases.

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