How Do Ugly Dudes Pick Up Beautiful Girls?

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Take a look at the image above. What comes to your mind when you see a couple like this one? Right. The question is how? How an ugly dude could possibly pick up a beautiful girl? And, how this beautiful young lady can sleep with…that? Well, I’m going to disappoint you, fellas. A guy’s money is not always the reason.

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First of all, yes, when you see a hottie hanging out with an average older men, there’s always a possibility she’s either a gold digger or dumb as a door knob. Women like this aim for money and success. They are ready to please their men in the most queer, perverted way in order to get expensive luxurious things.

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However, there is another type of women who I like to identify as an Open Type. It means they are open to being with different types of men, regardless their income, social class, appearance, etc. For these ladies, personality is all that matters.

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Yes, personality is KING. I know it may sound like “a fat lady talking”, but what’s on the inside does matter. Let me ask you something: have you ever met a girl who you thought was the hottest girl on the planet, but when you got to know her better, she turned out to be a dummy? You still thought she was hot, but the attraction was gone.

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Or there was this girl who you barely noticed at first, but after a good conversation you couldn’t get her out of your head? That’s what I’m talking about. Sex appeal. Sex appeal totally depends on the person’s personality – the way you talk, the way you move. But what you say is obviously the key here. Smart is the new sexy, don’t you forget about it.

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Your confidence, charisma, charm, humor and masculine vibe are what attract women the most. You may not be a perfect male model with tons of cash, but you are just a normal, loving, caring guy. And women will find you sexy. Your beer belly can be ignored as long as you are killing it with jokes.

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Attraction is a really weird thing. Most guys don’t realize it but a lot of women pay less attention to looks when it comes to traits they can feel attracted to. Well groomed, smell good man is immediately more desirable for a woman. Who cares that you are 5’4′ tall or your eyes are placed a bit too close together when you are wearing a nice leather jacket and your jokes are on fire?

How Do Ugly Dudes Pick Up Beautiful Girls_5
What I’m trying to say is that good looks aren’t everything. They should be considered as a pleasant bonus, but not a requirement. Sex appeal is all that matters, and it is better to make sure you have one if you want to score a date with a perfect 10.

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