Crazy Trends Of Asia That Make Regular Guys Fall For Asian Girls

‘Yellow fever fetish’ – this is how they call the obsession of young guys and mature men over petite Asian girls. What are the real reasons for this addiction?

1. Submissive

This is the #1 reason. Asian ladies seem so weak and tender. They turn their boyfriends into superheroes, causing the desire to save and protect a tiny girl. There is no secret that they seem younger than they are. Women over 30 can look 14-15 years old. And men’s hearts melt when they see those cuties. They will never argue or have a hump with their man.

2. Sweet

Most of the girls we meet today are materialistic, rude and what is the most awful – vulgar. All those minis, deep cleavage, and high heels make them look cheap. Most of the nights they spend on the dancefloor with a cocktail in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Let us be honest – that makes a contrast with the mild and sweet Asians, who consider that look and lifestyle inappropriate.

3. Shocking

This is the main reason why Asian culture became that popular recently. All thoseincredible fitness challenges that draw world’s attention to them and made more and more menfall for Asians. The most recent crazy trends got millions of guys stick to their screens browsingthousands of images through.


The first wave was made up by the Bikini Bridge trend. Images of skinny and fit bikini bodies made the Internet explode. Girls of all ages were proud of their slimfigures.

However, that was just the beginning. After all, those diet obsession diminished – girls went bragging with their ‘thigh brows’. A nice body-positive twist on the disturbing thinspo thigh gap trend, thigh brows encourage women instead that there’s nothing to hide when it comes to the skin roll that forms at the top of your thighs when you sit or bend forward…seeing as how it’s,uh, pretty natural and universal across most body types. The tendency has started from the Instagram where popular divas exposed their curves. Curvy Asian girls took up the initiative and loaded the web with their own images showing off their juicy forms.

And today we welcomed the new trend that originated from China – ‘A4 waist’. This challenge ignores the notion that what is healthy for one person is not for someone of a different height or weight. It blindly demands the same results from all its participants, and it doesn’t matter if it is healthy for them or not. The fad is taking the whole Asia by storm. It encourages girls to compare their waists to an A4 piece of paper. Each of them should be thinner than the 21cm width of the paper. The challenge is aimed at young women and girls. Thousands of them upload photos to Weibo – China’s version of Twitter.

Weibo users have flooded the network with photos of their bellies hidden behind the sheets of paper together with insane diet tips they, ha to try to get the tremendous result.

Critics have slammed the craze for promoting unhealthy and unattainable standards, but who cares?


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