4 Drugs That Can Turn You Into A Zombie (#2’S A Shocker)

We’ve all heard of this before. Every parent, every school and every doctor will tell you that doing drugs is no good; can lead to a life of rotting bones, blistery skin, a bunch of deadly diseases and a ‘one-way ticket to the Moon’… !? … Right, not that ticket – the one to a wooden casket sealed with nails.

As deadly as it sounds, and as terrible the consequences of using drugs may be, in every country, state, town and even neighborhood there’ll be a bunch of those who are ready to give it a try. Some want to escape from the harsh and cruel reality into a place of happiness and joy; some wish to taste that glorious feeling of ecstasy and fall into nirvana just O-N-E L-A-S-T T-I-M-E. Speaking of “Nirvana” – some wish to get that unique burst of creativity and compose the perfect “Smells like teen spirit”, like Kurt Cobain; get rich and famous – just to end it all at the barrel of the shotgun….

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Consequences come to no matter what …sadly, there’re many drugs out there and each and every one has its own devastating side effects And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today.

So get prepared for some horrors ‘cause we’re going to talk about stuff that can melt your face off and turn you into a zombie.

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#4 Bath Salts (Bloom, Cloud Nine, Ivory Wave …and other stuff junkies came up with)
First on our list and it has to do something with your bathroom.

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Bath Salts – synthetic drugs that have one or more man-made chemical components. Main component – cathinone – a stimulant that can be obtained from a khat plant. The overall effect that bath salts have on a human being may be related to methamphetamine, however much stronger and dangerous.

They can be injected in the vain, blown, eaten with a freshly made salad.

Ok, so what about the name? You’ve got it – the drug looks like white or brown crystal-like powder and… that’s it. Don’t think you can snort some stuff from your bathroom and get really good and high. bath salts don’t relate to stuff you could find in the bathroom. However, this drug is cheap and quite addictive. People that use bath salts may experience nosebleeds, sweating, nausea and in some extreme cases a syndrome called “excited delirium” which includes hallucinations, psychosis, aggression towards cars, light-palls, desire to have sex with trees and some other “fun stuff that people just don’t get”. Constant usage of the drug may lead to heart problems, a breakdown of muscle tissue, kidney failure, and death.


#3 Flakka (Gravel)
Flakka is out there and it’s looking to eat your brain while you’ll be looking to eat someone’s face off. No, really. I’m not joking, read on and you’ll get what I mean.

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To start off, Flakka is a synthetic made drug that has an effect similar to cocaine and methamphetamine but multiplied 10 times. Ok, not going to visual – it’s like an atomic bomb filled with multiple pleasures and euphorias detonated an inch away from your face. Feel the tingles… It’s extremely addictive, mostly made in China, cheap (no really really cheap not just because it’s China) and easy to use: snort it, blow it, twist it, crack it, eat it, rub it, smoke it. And now let’s talk about what Flakka is famous for.

In 2016 a creepy story shocked the world about a 19-year-old Florida State University student who killed a married couple in their own home – stabbed them to death. After the kill, the student began munching on the face of one of the victims (eyes and all). It took 4 policemen and a dog to overpower the guy; during all of this time he growled and grunted like an angry animal.

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Practically that’s what happens after using Flakka. The pleasure effect lasts for a short time and after it, the side effects kick in: paranoia, psychosis, hallucinations, hulk-like strength, an extremely high body temperature (up to 104 degrees) and, of course, a desire to do something with the faces of other people.

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For sure all of these side-effects can lead to heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, death and in the case of Austin Harrouff, the 19-year-old “face-eater” – a death penalty. Do you need to hear some more of? But wait this is just #3 zombies are still coming.



#2 Scopolamine (Devil’s breath)
Now this one, while literally can’t turn you into a walking corpse – can surely mess up your mind so bad you’ll probably look and act like a mindless plant. No wonder it’s nicknamed as the “Devil’s Breath”

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Scopolamine or Hyoscine is a hallucinogenic drug that is regularly used for Motion Sickness and Parkinsonian Tremor treatments. However, the ways it is used to influence a human being doesn’t end there. When a person inhales or receives an injection of this drug, he/she falls into a so-called “twilight sleep” state (as the scientist’s call it), when a person feels no pain or remembers anything. Under the effect of the Devil’s breath, you lose the ability to imagine and therefore cannot tell a lie.

The drug is mostly obtained from a group of plants relating to Solanaceae family that can be found in many places around South America. And here’s where the Colombian criminal gangs step up to the scene. Due to the effects that the Devil’s breath has on human beings, numerous crimes, including information theft, robbery, and murder have been committed. And the worst part of it all – after the drug’s effects wear off – the victim has total amnesia of the things he/she was commanded to do.

Interesting fact: The Devil’s breath has been used for recreational purposes from so long ago that its history can be tracked to 10200 – 2000 BCE. Even more, it’s mentioned in Papyrus Ebers, an Egyptian medical document dating back to 1500 BCE.

Before we move on to the last part of this post, I suggest to go and watch an episode of “The Walking Dead” ‘cause we’re going to talk about actual zombies.


#1 Desomorphine(Krokodil)

6 deadliest drugs and their lethal effects youve never heard of 4_9.Eight position

Desomorphine – is a substance closely related to morphine, a mixture of codeine, eye drops, and gasoline.Originally created as painkiller for medical use back in 1932 (USSR) this “thing” is practically the number one “Horror-story-real-life experience”

It was christened “Krokodil” due to its terrible effect upon the bodies of the users – to rot and destroy flesh leaving a crocodile like “rip off to the bone” wound in places it was injected (and yes, it’s mostly injected with a needle). According to recent statistics in Russia alone, there’s about 1M of men and women addicted to krokodil and there are some disturbing forecasts that more and more people are getting into using this drug in the US.

But why is a “flesh eating” drug so greatly used? Isn’t it clear enough – turning yourself into a living zombie is not the best way to celebrate Halloween? However, krokodil is extremely addictive and similar to heroin but with a stronger kick. Most Heroin addicts switch to krokodil when they run out of money to buy “cleaner” stuff and need to switch to whatever’s available with a similar effect.

Side effects: What?! Hello…flesh rotting, bones sticking and zombie looking…isn’t that just about all you need to run far far away? krokodil has a strong recognizable smell and due to the chemicals, it has that outdoor stick to addicts like shit to a shovel. You can literally smell a Krokodil user a mile away + don’t forget the rotting flesh.

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Some thoughts: Seriously guys and girls, it took me 2 days to get past this study: I’ve googled too much and seen too many consequences of krokodil usage. There was a guy with half of his face completely destroyed to the bone – you could see his yellow skull with an empty eye socket; a woman with forearms that had only skin and bones, and those bones sticking out…It’s a rollercoaster of pain and suffering.

Anyways, in conclusion, all that I wanna say to u – be responsible for your choices, they are always your own; along with the consequences they bear. Don’t do drugs or the Krokodil will get you…

6 deadliest drugs and their lethal effects youve never heard of 4_10.Tenth position

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