The Creepiest Sky Mysteries

Ghosts, vampires, zombies are just that smaller part of mysteries humanity can’t explain. Moreover, we are not sure if they actually exist. Bit sometimes we do face certain mysteries that require a lot of explanation. We are not sure what that is and have no opportunity to check or make any thorough investigation. Why? Because they are too high in the sky and there is no chance we can reach them. For sure, some of sky mysteries can be those rare natural phenomena people face no more than once for their live, but if you check out the photos below you will see there is too much in this world the science just can’t explain.


1. A hole in the cloud

You won’t surprise anyone with a brach when it comes to clouds, so why this one is so special? People who saw it claim it was of a regular shape. It seemed like an UFO stayed there for a while and then just vanished leaving everyone flabbergasted. People stayed there staring in the sky and wondering what did they see there. We can just come up with some theories, but we will never know for sure if such super round holes can appear by themselves.


2. UFO flying humanoid

This shot has been taken in Florida back in 2016. Moreover, the passer-by was able to capture a whole footage of what was going on there. Some object popped out of nowhere and skyrocketed into the sky. What if those were tiny aliens in it who rushed home to their tiny unknown planet? And they have just forgotten to turn on camouflage option of their tiny weird-looking spaceship? What are your thoughts?


3. Sky squid

Not sure what this thing is, but it resembles one of our most loved sea habitants – an octopus or a squad. People who saw it alive claim this thing was moving! But we are here having some doubts and there are theories this cutie is nothing else than sunburst. Or it can also be helicopter search-light or any other projector reflected by the clouds.


4. Dementor

This gliding, wraith-like Dark creature, widely considered to be one of the foulest to inhabit the world. But we know these cuties exist only in J. K. Rowling novels, or…? There are people who claim they saw real dementors in the sky. As a proof they offer this shot which is actually a screenie of a short footage. Experts struggle to define if it is real or face but for this moment there is no valid answer. We can only trust our eyes.


5. God’s fist

Eyewitnesses claim the humanity made God so angry, he is trying to make people stop ruining this planet and their lives by extravagant means. Just like this huge fire ‘fist’ we see in this photo. A group of people spectated it for a while and they claim it looked like a huge fire ball hanging from the sky. Not sure what it really is, but when looking at this thing I have strong wish to recant all my sins. How about you?

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