Alternative Reality – Things That Are Possible Only In Games

Gamers all over the world are united in their struggle to completing as many missions as possible. They spend tons of cash on new games, consoles, and innovative computer periphery just to make the whole process as realistic as possible.

Developers are seeming to forward to them, launching games with more realistic graphics, exciting plots and fantastic twists for every level. However, there are a few things that remain the same through the years and keep irritating new generations of gamers of all ranks. It is not about tiny outfits barely covering sexy curves of female characters (who can be irritated by that?) or waiting too long for the next part of the favorite game to be launched. Today we are going to discuss the problems that break all logic.


1. First aid kit
possible only in games_1
No matter how hard you were injured – the box with a cross on it will heel you within seconds. Even if the enemy has smashed half of your head away – take out your first aid kit and you are fine again. Moreover, you can continue the battle as if nothing had happened at all.


2. Mastering skills
possible only in games_2
In real life one should study for a few years, spending whole days practicing to master new skills good enough for using them in battles or other missions. For gaming characters things work way much faster – find a book you need, grab it and read it – voila, now you are a god of a sword. Go chop your rivals without a fear of doing anything wrong or at least cutting your finger.


3. Money
possible only in games_3
Money has no weight in gaming world. Even if you have 1 billion coins, your character will carry them in their pocket, which won’t prevent them from running faster than ever or jumping up high. Things work the same way with any items character collect. For instance, Zelda fans know what to do to change in just seconds when getting into another location. Their sack often contains a few pairs of boots, shirts of all possible colors and some accessories.



4. Attacks
possible only in games_4
Imagine, how that would look in real life: you run across the street without even looking at anyone, but all people around you rush to attack you. They have no idea who you are, but their only aim is to kill you just right there. This is quite a norm for most MMORPGs and some other games we all have played.


5. Messages
possible only in games_5
The wisest men of the nation are standing there all day long just to meet another warrior and teach him or her life. Why don’t game developers invent another, more logical way of transmitting information or giving hints for quests? Homing pigeon is fine with me. At least they are not as irritating as those bearded guys wearing togas.


6. Touch
possible only in games_6
There are items or villains that can kill my character with a touch. I don’t even plan to attack them, but they behave just like my cat when hungry – come over to rub their backs over my legs and kill me.


7. Fire
possible only in games_7
Fire is the fastest way to destroy anything, especially the walls. It doesn’t matter if you have matches or a torch with you – a sword or an axe is enough for some games. Just hit the wall for a few times to set it on fire.

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