Killer Foods Stars Eat To Stay Fit

Celebrities are ready to do anything to stay young and fresh longer. Spending tons of cash for plastic surgeries annually, going through harmful beauty procedures and more. But some of them just make fans freak out with their diets. Some celebs nearly starve just to stay in shape and stop gaining weight forever. Wanna see what’s in their fridges? Keep reading

Angelina Jolie

If you remember Jolie in her Lara Croft movies, you will probably agree those were her best times and best shape. Since that time she became a mom of the large family with a bunch of kids adopted and three born by her own. No wonder she has lost some of her beauty together with kilos. Fans say she is approaching to anorexia. What is that she eat to remain that skinny? Once during her visit to Cambodia, Jolie tried local speciality – maggots and cockroaches. To everyone’s surprise Hollywood diva loved the meal and keeps enjoying it on the daily basis. They say her kids love the snack too.


Elizabeth Hurley

When looking at this gorgeous woman it is hard to realize she is 53! when asked about her beauty secrets, Elizabeth denies plastic surgeries and other beauty procedures. She says her only secret is cockweed juice. She drinks no tea or coffee, just gallons of this ‘delicious’ beverage daily. It looks disgusting, now imagine how it tastes. But we won’t deny this thing works.



Show me the guy who didn’t crush on Fergie when she was a part of The Black Eyed Peas. It’s just fantastic how she brought a bunch of ugly guys to world’s fame. But time knows no mercy and now she has to fight against it just to keep her natural beauty. As a weapon in this struggle, Fergie has chosen apple cider vinegar. She takes a few spoons of it daily to get rid of toxins and keep the whole body healthy.


Mariah Carey

The singer didn’t choose one product to shock everyone around. She bases her diet on the color of foods. Mariah eats only products that are purple, like eggplant, cabbage, beets, prunes, basil, etc. It seems weird, ridiculous and somewhat childish. You now, when kids refuse eating broccoli cuz it is green. But actually, nutritionists say there is common sense in such diet. Purple color means foods contain anthocyanins. This component is responsible for healing and cleansing all organs. So, basically she has discovered the easiest way of taking care for her health.


Reese Witherspoon

Fans say Reese has stuck in childhood. As she is often spotted with baby food in her hands. Although nutritions stand for this star too. It turns out these jars contain no harmful ingredients and even no salt or sugar. They are all-natural, healthy and easy to take with you anywhere. In addition, you won’t overeat when getting food from those tiny jars and bottles. There is a wide choice of baby food so one can built healthy diet easily. They say Lady Gaga eats baby food too. And a few more Hollywood divas together with her.

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