Sex In The Water – Is It Really Worth It?

Lots of people consider having sex in the water (shower/hot tub/pool/ocean) to be one of those things that helps spice up your marriage or to make your sex life more exciting and adventurous. It is kinda true but let me stop you right there. As thrilling and intriguing as it sounds, having sex in, say, the shower might not be the best idea. There are some dangers awaiting for you that can turn your sexual adventure into a complete nightmare afterwards. So, before you decide to join your partner in the shower, we recommend you get to know about the risks you get exposed to while enjoying this salty activity.

Let us start with the most obvious aspect of having sex in the water. All bodies of water contain bacteria. All kinds of bacteria. Your skin can be relatively tolerant to this bacteria, but your private parts aren’t. So while you are enjoying the intimacy of each other in the ocean or in the pool where the water is not perfectly cleaned with chlorine, those tiny nasty organisms are making their way to your penis and your girl’s vagina. As a result you get a urinary tract infection, a yeast infection, or worse. Yikes! So, this was danger #1.

Now, let’s proceed with danger #2. Having sex in the water can be just as painful. Some say the water provides more lube? Don’t believe it. In fact what really happens is that the water washes off a girl’s natural moisture which can cause excess friction and actually push water into vagina. As a result, you end up having micro tears, irritation, and infections. If you are using a condom, a friction can cause a tear which can result in unwanted pregnancy, STIs, and many more nasty things. On the other hand, you can use silicone based lubricants that supposedly prevent from drying out. But, once again, the lube won’t keep you safe from getting infected in open waters.


Just remember that It’s highly recommended that you put on condom out of the water and take it off out of the water too.

Danger #3 will be: watch out for falls. So, you are both in the shower, you are naked and covered with soapy bubbles, one thing leads to another, and you can’t get your lips and hands off of each other. Having sex right here right now sounds like fun, doesn’t it? On one hand, getting intimate in the shower seems like a very practical thing. You can wash off all the evidence without leaving the crime scene. But I should warn you – don’t overdo the positions. The surface is very slippery in the shower, so make sure you have an anti-slip coating as there is always a chance to end up with a stretched muscle.
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