This Man Wears Cage On Head For The Most Ridiculous Reason

Meet Ibrahim Yücel, from Kütahya in Turkey. And this is how he looks on daytime. In the evening, his daughter takes that device off his head to put it on again in the morning. It took him a while to make that cage-like helmet and now he prefers walking around with his invention around his head every day.

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Why? Ibrahim has been a smoker for 26 years. And he would continue doing that if he hasn’t witnessed a tragedy that has changed his life entirely. Ibrahim’s death has passed away from lungs cancer a while ago. And doctors told the family it was all about smoking. He saw his dad losing the battle with the cruelest enemy in pain. Watching poor man suffering that much, Mr. Yücel got frightened about his own life. He is 42 and his chances to end up just like his father did turn out to be too high.

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What is the best way out here? To get rid of a harmful habit he had to act quickly. After a few fails, he was devastated. Until the moment when he spotted another successful health campaign – the safety helmets worn by motorbike riders. He made up his mind to create something like that, but that would fit Turkish heat that is sometimes unbearable. A cage-like helmet would fit best.


When thinking about the alternative of wondering around with this item over my head I believe I would choose the power of will instead:

1. It looks weird.

2. It is heavy.

3. It chastises freedom of action.

4. It draws everyone’s attention.

5. It is ugly.

cage on head_3

But Ibrahim Yücel doesn’t trust himself. This is why he designed a ‘helmet’ that prevents him from putting a cigarette into his mouth. People were interested in the way he takes his meals. So, he revealed that at the table he stays without his cage until the meal is over. Then his relatives help him placing it back.

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His all family is ambivalent about the entire situation, but they prefer keeping silent. They love their dad, husband, and son so much, they are ready to support him no matter what. They soothe themselves with a thought that this situation is temporary and when he beats smoking cessation completely things will get back to norm. And by now they have to live with it just the way it is.

Yücel says it is a kind of the price he has to pay for cleaning his body and soul from this awful habit. He says the whole family suffered together with his dad when he was fighting against cancer and that was much harder than living in a cage on his head. And he is ready for anything not to let them all go through it once again.

cage on head_5

He says that people are fine with his ‘helmet’ and they even show off some support to him when he reveals his story. Should I say he became a real star in his own town?

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