7 Creatures Who Are Of Alien Origin

Aliens are among us. For ages, they walk, fly and crawl around without us even noticing them. Why? Cuz they are insects. Have you ever seen them close enough to mark every tiny detail of their bodies, faces, and wings? These creatures are mostly too tiny to take a closer look at them without any special equipment. But those people, who managed to glance at them via the microscope state that some insects were definitely blown with the wind to our planet from another one.

Now you have a chance to meet the weirdest-looking creatures who are definitely out of this world. Take a deep breath and check out these palls:


creatures of alien origin_bees
Ask any beekeeper about how those little ones are living and what is the most interesting thing he can tell about them and you will be stuck for hours listening about how cool and organized they are. Bees are really amazing and might even seem cute before you take a closer look at them. Tiny aliens are looking into our eyes.


creatures of alien origin_Argulus
This ectoparasite is known for being extremely harmful for fish. It can cause severe disease ‘argulosis’ for a wide variety of species. This water louse is too dangerous to look good. Check out its scary body structure. It’s amazing how many details nature has given to such a tiny organism.


Hydrothermal worm
creatures of alien origin_Hydrothermal worm
This fellow looks like one of the monsters from sci-fi movies. But it is absolutely real. The fact that you have never seen it before is easy to explain by its tiny size and the place of its inhabitance. In this photo, it is zoomed in 525 times. It’s about half a millimeter long. Not as tiny as you could think of it, but it still belongs to the smallest leaving creatures.



creatures of alien origin_ladybugs
Everyone knows those cute red bugs with black spots on them. They seem to be one of the most romantic insects on earth, but in this picture, you can see their birth. Their larvae doesn’t look as cute as adults. I would rather say they are disgusting.


creatures of alien origin_Maggot
Every guy faced the fact that girls are somehow afraid of maggots. We see them quite often and do not find those creatures scary. But then there appears this image and everything falls into place. They are awful. They can make anyone freak out with their look. Poor ladies tried to warn us they are dangerous. I think their spot should be somewhere on Mars. Their entire look screams they are of alien origin.


creatures of alien origin_mosquito
Everyone knows how adult mosquitoes look. And we all do know why everyone hates them either. Now it’s time to reveal their larvae shot under the microscope. Do you like what you see here? No? Nobody does. Aliens as they are.


Water mite
creatures of alien origin_Water Mite
Hydracarina or Hydrachnellae, are a group of mites covering more than 40 families and 5 000 species and all these palls are parasites. This army is familiar to everyone who ever observed pond water. The larger species are clearly visible as fast swimming sometimes deep red spider-like creatures. Now you know how they look when zoomed up to 200x.

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