The Most Expensive Items People Decided To Throw Away

How often do you check stuff before throwing them away? I mean like real good check-ups on Google to make sure those are hardly worse a cent? But, after this article, you will keep this habit for years.

Most people try to keep their houses cozy and clean. In order to achieve this goal, they stick to ’27 items in trash’ rule. They say that once a week we should check our apartments for 27 things we don’t need any longer and simply throw them away.

Although some of such items have much bigger value than their owners can imagine. Here are the most expensive things that have ever been thrown away:


1. $1,000,000 painting
trash treasures_1
Elizabeth Gibson was walking down the street in New York when she suddenly saw a painting at one of the local dumps. She thought that was just what she needed to refresh her living room. She loved the style and the technique so the destiny of that piece of art was decided in about a minute.

Gibson put it at one of her walls without any thought of detecting its value. Later, when watching a TV show ‘Missing Masterpieces’ she discovered a story of a stolen painting by Rufino Tamayo, that has been missing for about 16 years.

She recognized the picture and decided to check if that was the artwork everyone was looking for. After confirmation, the painting was returned to its owner and Gibson received her $15,000 award.


2. $50,000 violin
trash treasures_2
A man has found this nice musical instrument in a trash bin. His first thought was to sell it and buy another new violin for his wife, a musician. He took the found to the expert and soon got a shocking reply – the violin was made by incredible Pedrazzini, its price was about $50,000. Is there a need to say, he left all thoughts of selling it?



3. $1,000,000 lottery ticket
trash treasures_3
Lottery tickets get to dumps too often. But this one was special – a winning ticket to one million. In 2005, a dumpster driver found it simply doing his job. Soon he got to the news with his story and to his big disappointment – the true owner was found. So he had to share and pay away about $140,000 of his win.


4. $997,000 Bond’s car
trash treasures_4
This happened in 1989 when a man bought an old storage locker for less than $100. He went to check if there was something worthy of it and to his big surprise he has found a weird white car, dented, and missing its wheels.

Soon it was discovered to be a missing for years Submarine Car from ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ movie. And its price was $997,000. Sold to Elon Musk, founder of Tesla.


5. $500,000 in the mattress
trash treasures_5
One recycling plant in the USA once received a weird call from a young lady. Earlier before she brought an old mattress and now wanted it back. As it was revealed later – her grandma passed away and she took all trash out from her apartment. Only after that, she has found a letter where her granny told her about cash in a mattress. The old lady didn’t trust the banks at all. The mattress was returned to its owner with all money inside.

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