Rescued Thanks To Google Earth After 9 Years On An Island

Remember the story of poor Robinson Kruzo? The guy who stayed for years on an island all alone and managed to survive. Recently this happened in reality to the British guy, named Adam. His name and his story are actually all we know about him and it is actually one of the most blood-chilling tales you can read.

In 2006 Adam and his 2 friends took a boat to sail from Liverpool to Hawaii. Young men were expecting for some fun with parties, girls, and alcohol, but unfortunately, their boat was caught in a storm instead.

9 years on island_1

After hours of the horrible cyclone, Adam found himself the only survivor – his friends died and the boat was out of order. The poor man had to spend 17 days wandering in the open sea when he saw the land.

9 years on island_2

He was exhausted and hungry but happy about getting help soon. Adam trod to the ground and went to find a shelter. His disappointment was higher than the sky when he realized he was the only human there.

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There was nothing he could do but panic and fall into deep depression. About two days later, he managed to pull himself together and build a shelter. He also saw some wild goats around to make them his source of fresh meat and milk.


9 years on island_4

It took a while to learn hunting them and to prepare some pretty tasty meals. But he still dreamed of getting back home. Days were spent on the beach in hope to see at list a sign of another human or the tiniest boat. But that has never happened. There was nothing else he could do but making a huge ‘S.O.S’ sign on the sand. Had he any hope that would be seen by someone from the sky? Hardly.

9 years on island_5

Adam was improving his survival skills, making new clothes, exploring the nature around and assuring himself that was not the worst life he could live.

After 9 years of living like that he woke up in the morning to meet another person. First, he thought that was a dream, but people kept coming from a huge boat at the beach. Tears of happiness were pouring hail – a dream come true. In a few hours, he was taking shower for the first time in the past 9 years. Shaved and dressed in all new Adam couldn’t stop crying when eating his meal – all foods he loved living in Liverpool. Now they tasted even better.

9 years on island_6

Later that day he had met his true rescuer – a school guy who accidentally noticed unclear ‘S.O.S’ message when using Google Earth. The kid thought that might be important, so he contacted local authorities. There was an enthusiast who decided to check the place and soon rescue team of 12 found Adam sleeping in his self-made hut.

This story proves that even in the 21st century there still is an option of getting lost and living in complete reservation for ages. But there are people who never give up. What would you do being in Adam’s shoes?

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