9 People Who Became Famous Thanks To Their Unique Skin

How often do you have a feeling for all girls around you look like? Just as if they were copied from one pattern. Straight hair, tan, long lashes and full lips. Those who weren’t born with it go under certain cosmetic procedures to look trendy. This year they will cut their hair short and die it all shades of blond.

Same story with men. Beards and manly haircuts with hair brushed back – this what mostly all guys look like today. It seems like they all follow some model which is about to produce millions of clones. However, there are people who ‘fight against the system’. They turn all those things that society considers ‘defects’ into their personal benefits. Just look at these beauties.


Connie Chiu
9 people with unique skin_Connie Chiu
She is the world’s first fashion model with albinism. Connie is of Chinese origin. Her parents had 4 kids but only she was unique. Connie was ashamed of her looks, but after her family moved to Sweden, her life has changed. Now she is a famous model and jazz singer.


Nikia Phoenix
9 people with unique skin_Nikia Phoenix
Nikia’s skin is covered with an enormous amount of freckles. And they are not a small as we used to see at other faces. No wonder she hated her skin from early years. But one day at a local cafe the girl was noticed by Alternative Apparel representative. That was the moment when she received her first contract. Remember her in Coca-Cola promotion?


Stephen Thompson
9 people with unique skin_Stephen Thompson
He was learning to live with his unique skin. Hiding from the sun, avoiding bright light and being careful with all sharp objects. But in truth, Stephen was a regular guy without any modeling ambitions. Until the day he gets caught in the lens of a famous photographer. Now he is a popular model.


Winnie Harlow
9 people with unique skin_Winnie Harlow
Meet a Canadian fashion model, spokesperson, and activist. She gained prominence as a contestant on the twenty-first cycle of the U.S. television series America’s Next Top Model while having a prominent form of the skin condition vitiligo. People with this condition mostly hide their bodies, bit not Winnie.



Ava Clarke
9 people with unique skin_ava clarke
When Ava was just 1 month old, her parents noticed something weird about their girl. Her skin was too fair with blue eyes on it and her hair was blond. Why could this seem weird? Both parents were African Americans. And they did everything to make their albino daughter a celebrity – a model and an actress.


Khoudia Diop
9 people with unique skin_Khoudia Diop
Khoudia, 20, was bullied and made to feel ashamed of the color of her skin. Kids around made fun of its incredible dark color. However, when they considered wrong made the girl famous. Photographers love her skin tone.


Anastasia Zhidkova
9 people with unique skin_anastasia zhidkova
This Russian girl never suffered from low self-esteem. She always knew she was beautiful. No wonder her modeling career started when she was a kid. People are ready to pay for working with such a unique girl.


9 people with unique skin_Nariyana
At just 9, albino girl Nariyana, from Yakutia in Siberia, is already in demand from modeling agencies. But her mum wants her to concentrate on dancing and drawing, for now, hiding her daughter from paps and fans. But she is too amazing to live without fame.


Lola Chuil
9 people with unique skin_Lola Chuil
Los Angeles schoolgirl has half a million fans on her Instagram account. And without a doubt, she is worthy of so much more. Just look at her doll-like face and extremely dark skin.

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