The Worst Cheerleaders’ Fails In History You Don’t Want To Miss.

7. Why don’t cheerleaders choose some more quiet style of dress? This outfit has crossed all the limits. But who cares.


8. One more reason to choose shorts for performances. Gorgeous girls, fantastic moves and another naughty flashing in our gallery.


9. Watch out the cameras and pick the right clothing when bringing legs forward. Otherwise, the whole world might see what you are hiding under a tiny dress.



10. This time it actually happened. Either the bra is too small or the breast size is too big, but now we can say hello to one of her beautiful ‘rabbits’.


11. Their booty dances have made hundreds of male hearts beat faster. And sudden wind added more expression to these cross cuts.


12. Not sure what they wanted to say or show here, but this figure makes us think of something really naughty. We honestly adore their pom poms.


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