Dirty Secrets Behind Famous Tricks

Tricks – what do we know about them? Firstly, there is no magic behind these performances. It is only about skilled hands and good equipment. And, of course, ladies in tiny outfits to distract our attention from the most important part of this performance.

Why does the public keep visiting such events or watching these cute hocus-pocuses on YouTube? The answer is obvious – people try to spot the secret of each trick. But I am not sure if the revelation might stop anyone from searching new magicians’ channels and stick to their videos.

Today we will watch the 6 complete revelations of popular tricks. Double bottoms, super glue, special costumes – these are the main secrets behind them.


1. Crushed girl
A girl gets into the box and gets smashed by her juggler friend. If I knew I am about to get smashed here – that could hardly cause me even the slightest smile. But those ladies show off all their teeth, so you can be sure – there is no threat to her life. Here’s how it works:


2. Card in lemon
An illusionist tears a card and then finds it restored inside a lemon. No cuts on fruit or any other signs of fraud. Just a regular lemon and a card inside of it. Want to see what’s the trick? Here we go:


3. Tearing and restoring items
Everyone knows that trick when juggler tears any item into pieces, sometimes offering the public to help him. But then a magic spell makes this item take its previous form and we see it absolutely restored. Just like a phoenix from the myths. What’s the hack? Just look closer:



4. Levitation
Show me a magician, who has never used this trick in his performances. You will hardly find one anyway. Flying girls, apples or even animals – they all did it at least once. My favorites are those monks levitating above their rugs in the streets (mostly touristic destinations) and begging or a coin.

I found this video to prove this ‘skill’ isn’t worth a cent. They are not super skilled, but well-prepared people who rest there the whole day:


5. Half-man
A man grabbed his lower body part, which was cut off by someone or something. Now he is wondering around scaring people and terrifying the dogs. A nice idea for the next Halloween, but how do I achieve such an effect? It all seems too unreal, but I assure you – anyone can make this creepy outfit at home.

What we need is a huge shirt and twice-larger pants than our actual size is. This video shows the fastest way of creating a freaky costume. But to look even worse – one should take care of the back part of it. A mantle should fit best:


6. Passing through the mirror
Ever considered mirrors as portals? What if you could actually walk through them? There is one magic trick, that can make this dream a reality. Watch a short tutorial on how jugglers do this in public.

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