Miss ‘World’s Biggest Butt’ Title Is In Danger!

Now the model had her new unique body goal – to get the biggest butt in the world. And she said nothing could stop her. The woman changed her diet and started taking some 6,000 calories daily. Carbs? Bring them in, add some souse. Her Insta followers and friends seem supportive, but her parents stand against this goal and beg their daughter to stop.


By this time Natasha spent over $65,000 on butt lift, enlarged her lips and definitely had a boob job. From nice and sexy plus size girl she turned into a real freak. Now her bottom is 80 inches and she is planing to gain some extra ponds to make it 110 inches.

Her family says, it is not about her entire looks or the money. They are more worried about her health. As being 5’10” high and weighting nearly 300 pounds won’t make it any good. Such weight can cause some serious consequences, starting from heart diseases, vein problems and ending up with certain permanent consequences.

Natasha says she is not the one to step away from her biggest dream in life. Despite all the warnings and parents’ allegations she will keep up the diet and take multiple photos for her Insta account which gets popular day after day. But haters are there too. They say she looks like a giant whale and that’s just the most innocent word there. However, it seems like Natasha is happy to get all types of comments as it means she is interesting to more people and her popularity skyrockets thanks to them. We won’t stand on anyone’s side here. We will just wait until she finishes her way to 110 inch butt and check out the result.

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