Celebrities Who Lost Or Almost Lost It All Over Alcohol Or Drugs

Fiona Apple
celebs_Fiona Apple
Her awful look was sponsored by cannabis. The singer can hardly live a day without it, and her present look scares.



He should thank crack to all that has happened to him recently. From a handsome man, he turned into a skeleton cover with thin layer of skin.


Dennis Rodman
celebs_Dennis Rodman
NBA star is reported to have an addiction to alcohol. A few years earlier, he stuck to drugs but after a course of rehab, his addiction was cured.


Aaron Carter
celebs_Aaron Carter
A year ago, the singer opened up about his problem with meth. He underwent a 30-days treatment and we sincerely hope it helped.


Mischa Barton
celebs_Mischa Barton
A few years ago, the world was shocked to see Mischa who turned from fit and sweet girl into a woman with excess weight problems caused by alcohol.


Macaulay Culkin
celebs_Macaulay Culkin
Home alone kid lost his popularity and all contracts as soon as he got older. Financial problems and neglectfulness set him in a deep depression. Drugs and alcohol were his only friends for long.


Tara Reid
celebs_Tara Reid
Actress faced star sickness after ‘American Pie’ success. She cast prudence to the winds and enjoyed numerous parties accompanied by alcohol and drugs. Here is the result.


Amanda Bynes
celebs_Amanda Bynes
One of the most loved child stars admitted her addiction to drugs in 2014. She did all possible to get rid of this problem. However, precious time and fame were lost.


Edward Furlong
celebs_Edward Furlong
Terminator’s teen heartthrob looks unrecognizable after drug addiction takes its toll. Heavy bags under his eyes and messy hair do not make him look like a sex symbol.

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