The Best Of James Fridman, A Genius, A Troll And A Photoshop God

Who is James Fridman? This question bothers minds of millions of internet users. This guy popped out of nowhere and made everyone admire his photoshopped pictures. Without a doubt, he has good taste, sparkling sense of humor and wonderful skills.

Although it is hard to say if he trolls everyone around or uses his marvelous creations to lets us see the world the way he does. Enjoy the gallery of his best artworks and decide it yourself.


1. Someone wants bigger boobs? Make it clear whom they should belong, girl.

2. Is it true that pals can catch the ‘gurlss’ on six-pack abs? James believes – a pack of buns can work better.

3. This guy has no limits. Especially when told he can do whatever he wants to.

4. Now no one will mess this guy with anyone else. It is only he in this image. Triple dose of him.

5. Not sure if this is what sexy pirates usually look like, but seems nice for a pi rat.


6. Even an EMO needs a reason to cry. James knows what actually makes them so sad.

7. We can only hope mom was glad to see such a handsome guy behind her.

8. No clue how Fridman managed to spot a cat there. It took long for me..

9. Some people just need a dictionary right now.

10. One more reason why everyone loves James Fridman – he shows people they are beautiful just the way they are.

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