Bully Gets Demolished By Cheerleader After She Punched Her

Cheerleaders always suffer from assaults of people who believe that is not real sport. Somehow they consider all those tricks are just chicken play anyone can do. Although you and I both know cheerleaders train hard often getting serious injuries and even traumas. In addition, they have one of the most inconvenient uniforms ever.

However, all those cute slim girls with huge bows in their hears and tiny skirts or shorts on their hips seem to weak and innocent for being something more than just dancers in sport fields. This is why bullies find them as perfect victims. They just do not expect them retaliate against aggression. This is why situations like this take place.

Now meet Savannah Sprague – a pint-sized cheerleader in California. This girl is still in her teens and is a cheerleader for Clayton Valley Charter High School, a home of the Ugly Eagles. She is a nice and sweet skinny blond girl with huge eyes and charming smile. Savannah has a lot of friends many of which are her teammates.

They are just like one family – caring and supportive, but Sprague is definitely their leader. Why? There is a reason why everyone talking about this young lady recently. And it will knock you off your feet. Nobody knew this girl until her sis posted a 92-seconds video in her twitter. And it made Savannah famous overnight. Why? Cuz she demonstrates incredible skills in it.

The footage shows off cheerleaders sitting at the tables and other students around with their backpacks. It seems like the match had just came to an end or that was just a break between sets, and they had some time to rest. It seems like nothing special about it until camera captures a monster in yellow.

First, we only hear a rude question “Do you want to fight?”. The voice belongs to a big girl in yellow who is acting aggressively. “No, nobody wants to fight,” Sprague replies. “You guys want to fight us. Nobody speaks on you guys, nobody talks about you guys.”


Sprague then told the girl standing over her to get her finger out of her face, quickly escalating tensions as several witnesses looked on. “What are you going to do?” the yellow girl says. “Are you going to make me get back?” “Don’t touch me,” Sprague replies.

And a moment after Savannah gets a slap in her face. That was it. She loses her temper and jumps on the bully smashing her down to the ground just like that with a phone in her hand. She beats the girl who is way much heavier than her giving the bully no chance to raise up or protect herself. Weird thing is that nobody is trying to stop them. Thoughts are the lady in yellow bugged everyone in this school and they just were happy somebody gave her what she deserved.

We can go further telling you how she looked beating the rival and how epic her victory was, but it is better to watch the footage once than read more text about it. So, enjoy. And well done, Savannah!

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